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Why somatic causes?

Does our anxiety is caused by normal disease?

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Diseases that might be diagnosed as neurosis:

Deficiency of magnesium

Deficiency of Omega 3


Chronic diseases

Zinc deficiency

Parasites of digestive system


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While exploring the wonderful world of the paramedic message boards, I found something absolutely amazing - a lot, and I mean A LOT of people with wrongly diagnosed neurosis, anxiety and depression. I have really no idea why is it going like that. Doctors don't know how to make their job? Evolution of medicine goes wrong, it's era of "find a disease even if there is none and then sell as many drugs as possible" behaviour? Everyone knows how much cost psychotherapy nowadays, so maybe this is the solution? Or maybe it's just laziness, "oh c'mon, stop talking, you have neurosis and now go away, it's time for coffee"?

Some cases were really interesting, for example guy with all symptoms of Lyme disease, diagnosed by ~10 doctors as "typical neurosis" or "it's just anxiety". It's like statement "It's the Italian vine, year 1750" seeing a new Toyota car, something so ridiculous that is nearly sneaking my perception. And now the best part: Finally this guy, in the act of desperation, managed to make a Lyme test, one of the best, the Western Blot. The result was positive, and doctors... still claimed that this is neurosis! Oh, gimme a gun...

Cases of "100% sure, confirmed neurosis" which can be very dangerous, i.e. life-risk hypothyroidism, are common. Most popular is, of course, plain magnesium deficiency. Well, a cure for magnesium deficiency costs around 20$, while a therapy against neurosis is worth sometimes aroud thousands of dollars.

A lot of people were forced to live with the chronic, devastating diseases, till someone told them "hey, maybe your doctor was wrong? Check out, maybe that's it..."

It's widely known that some diseases might give symptoms of a neurosis. And that is the problem. Difference between a cause and an effect. If someone got - for example - fever, we do not cure the temperature itself, firstly we are looking for the cause - it might be poisoning, a virus or bacterium. If patient got neurosis, it's still the bad habit of some doctors to cure neurosis instead of the cause of this symptom. Yes, the symptom - neurosis usually is not a disease, it's only the sign of other problems. In fact, nearly all the cases of anxiety / panic attacks I've treated were fixed with some supplements.

A word of warning - do not take this website so seriously, you do NOT have every disease that is described here. Even if some - maybe all - symptoms fits your case, it does not means that you got it. Trying to cure something that does not exist might hurt you really bad, so - don't try. If some kind of "cure" is completely safe, for example the omega 3 suplementation - I will describe it.

Let me remind you that neurosis and depression caused only "by our head" exist too, and - besides looking for the somatic causes - do not stop your normal therapy.

Statistic researches show that the efficiency of psychoanalysis is exactly 0%. Sorry, but this is the truth ? a lot of people make big money on this so they want you to believe that it works. If you do not believe me - google for this research then, it's a well known one. Some other kinds of psychotherapy might be more effective, for example behaviour therapy can cure some phobia attacks very easily.

Medicines are usually addictive, anyway they are just masking the symptoms. Doctor lives from selling such drugs, so he will try to convince you that they are absolutely necessary and you would die without them. But c'mon, who used such drugs 200 years ago? No one. And no one got neurosis back then. Some say that life full of stress caused epidemic of neurosis. Bullcrap. Nowadays we have nearly no stress around. Imagine a life without the electricity, central heating, clean water, food, clothings... yes, it would be stress like hell. But no one got neurosis in past! Trust me - it's our food. Nowadays we are used to eat 3 times more, but our food has got nearly no vitamins and minerals - instead it contains tons of toxins and omega 6. Our cells are starving.

I'm not saying "do not take your medicines". Go ahead, keep using them. But trust me and try the solution described on this webpage. If you are lucky, in month, maybe two you will throw your medicines away, because you will realize that you are healthy.

Its impossible to describe every single disease that may cause neurosis, depression or panic attacks, so im trying to focus on the most popular ones.

Again - trust me and try this therapy to "rebuild natural balance of your body", its completely safe, you risk nothing. In the worst case you will fail to cure neurosis, but your general health will improve greatly.